Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Texture: Day Two

I have been lusting after the OPI I Brazil Sandies collection for so long, at long last I could get them here in the UK. I am a little miffed they have only done mini sizes as I ADORE all of these colours (even the yellow). I have also found that these have a smoother textured finish (I know what a paradox!) compared to some of the earlier Liquid Sand polishes.

I was able to get away with two coats of each of the colours apart from the purple where I needed three! That blue is just divine!

I then decided to use my neon nail studs by Born Pretty who does loads of great nail art products. This design is a variant of yesterday's theme of doing a single line on shorter nails really helps to exaggerate the length of the nail!

The nail art studs I got to review contain both pastel neon and true neon round studs.  There are actually 400 studs here! Plently for loads of manicures! Sadly mine got a little mixed up in transit. I used topcoat and a dotting tool to help adhear these to my nails.

These little studs are great they  sit nice and flat on the nail meaning they won't catch on anything. If I hadn't been wearing textured polish I would have topcoated them to help make sure they are really secured to the nail. As it was they did start to ping off later in the day but that really wasn't an issue for me. 

I love the contrast of the pop of colour the studs gives with the interesting texture of the nails!

I can't wait to have another play with these studs they are going to be perfect for summer!

You can buy these studs directly here and the item code is #7217. Remember if you are ordering from the born pretty store to use my 10% off code "BA5X31"

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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  1. Nice textures and fun studs you added too.

  2. Bright, fun, happy - great job!

  3. Loving the fun brightness of this! I'm miffed too that these are only in mini's and have purposely not bought them for this reason; I'm hoping for fullsize or I'll do without!

  4. So cute and adorable and bright! Love!

  5. I just don't understand what OPI was thinking. The LS from the Brazil collex were the only colors I was even remotely interested in, and they only released them as minis! Crazy marketing people! In any event, cute use of the studs and they stand out really nicely!

  6. Great manicure! I agree...these Liquid Sands were some of the only textures in the recent past that I have been really, really excited for and would have LOVED full-sized bottles. Maybe OPI will hear us and release them later this summer?!

  7. You've just reminded me I need to review those studs from BPS! I am loving this mani!


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