Thursday, 1 May 2014

C is for Barry M Retro Coral

When I started my blog I told you all I hated nude polishes- yuck! And then yeah... I started to like nude polish. Oh wait now I kinda love how flawless nude toned polishes can look. My bad. But still I hate oranges, yellows and coral's right? Not so much! I have an ongoing obsession with Coral at the moment. I know, shoot me down for breaking my oath! There is just something about coral that I am being really drawn to. Maybe it is because it symbolises my longing for summer. Maybe it is just because it looks so damn flattering on short nails!

All I know it is a pain in the bottom to photograph!

Yeah you're only getting one picture because all the others came out looking neon orange. 

This is Barry M Coral from the Retro collection which was a re-realease of some older colours from Barry M.  This is a perfect pink toned coral with a lovely flattering bright pink shimmer. Uhhh... it is just so pretty! Sadly I am pretty sure you cannot get this polish now although you might find the odd bottle floating around on selling pages.

This is three thin coats, I did find this polish had a tendency to drag between coats so you need to wait for it to be fully dry before you apply another. I applied a coat of topcoat too to smooth it all down and make it all glossy!

There are some other amazing bloggers doing this little alphabet challenge with me. You can find all our manicures at THE HUB go check 'em out and share the love!

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  1. Hahahaha! It's funny how are likes in colors change. And this color looks fabulous on you!


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