Thursday, 29 May 2014

G is for Painted Sabotage Gargle Blaster

Today I have another installment on the Alphabet Challenge. Sadly I have had some nasty nail breaks so I chopped my nails back to regular nubbins. So  to the letter 'G'....

This beauty is Painted Sabotage Gargle Blaster. First off let me say how much I love the name! Even Mr PishPosh and Polish liked it because of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference!

So Gargle Blaster is a turquoise crelly base with loads of White and Magenta glitter. This polish is very sheer my swatches show three coats and although I couldn't see it in real life I still have a slight bald patch so I would say  four is the magical number. Normally I don't really like doing too many coats of polish but this one is so watery (in a good way) that it doesn't make your nails feel all thick and clunky. Also the thinness of this polish adds an amazing amount of depth to the glitter!

This polish dries quickly and is very shiny and smooth to the touch. I have added SEche Vite topcoat to my swatches here though!

I love the pop of pink it really elevates the polish, this is my first encounter with Painted Sabotage polishes although I have been eyeing them up for a while and I am super impressed. I have one more polish to show you at a later date and I can't wait to order more when the Etsy Store reopens.

Anyway you can find the rest of the G manicures done by some fab British Bloggers over at The Hub!

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