Monday, 30 June 2014

MyPure Review: Inika Lip Whip- Berry

Today I am showcasing another product available at MyPure, this time I am showing a product by Inika which is a vegan and natural brand. It is also completely ethically and environmentally conscious!

This is Inika Lip Whip in the shade Berry. What is a Lip Whip you ask?  Well it's a nice tinted gloss!  The gloss comes in this luxe black and gold packaging.

I was a little surprised by the colour of the product as the website makes it look more like a bright barbie pink when it is more of a red-toned raspberry.  However I think actually I much prefer this colour as it is much more wearable.

The  8ml tube and comes with a traditional slanted application nozzle with a secure screw top lid.  I find it easy to apply and the colour is sheer enough that you can even apply it when you don't have a mirror!

So what does it look like on? (I'm sorry but I don't have lip swatches of this as I have really chapped lips).

 The gloss is quite sheer with only a hint of colour, but it has a lovely rose gold shimmer when it hits the light. This gives a sheer wash of to the lips that is very pretty but subtle. However the packaging also states that for colour which packs a bigger punch you can wear this gloss over lipstick which is what I want to try next.

I always worry that glosses are too sticky but I found that this wasn't an issue with the product. It also stayed consistently glossy throughout the day and not at all patchy.

In all I really like this Lip Whip and think this is a great alternative to a heavy lipstick that doesn't always hold up in the super hot weather! You can buy this Lip Whips along with 3 other (very pretty) shades over at the MyPure website  

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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