Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Super Duper? Hits Sugar Vs Rimmel Aqua Cool

As you know occasionally I do dupe posts. Not as often as I would like to, but I am pretty proud of myself that I don't own many dupe polishes.  Today I grabbed out this Rimmel polish from the Lycra Pro range called Aqua Cool. Let me first say this is not aqua at all it is pastel blue. I then wondered how close it is to HITS Sugar from the Power Puff girl range. In the bottle there really wasn't any difference at all. So what about on the nail?

(once again sorry for the cuticles the are getting better but all that warm water the other day really paid havoc with them!)

My first and third fingers are the Rimmel and the second and pinkie are HITS. I have done three coats of each polish for this comparison plus Seche Vite topcoat. When I applied these I found that the Rimmel was slightly runnier and thinner than the HITS polish, however the HITS didn't really self level as well as the Rimmel. The streaks you can see on my second finger were more obvious in real life.

Color wise they are pretty exact though. I can't see any difference. Can you?

Considering the HITS polish comes from Brazil I would really recommend the Rimmel as it seems much easier to get hold of. Which one would you pick? One thing is for sure you really don't need both!

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  1. Can't see a difference too so I guess they are dupes of one another.

  2. Damn near dupes for sure. If anything I can see about a quarter-step shade difference which is so small as to be nearly nothing. Shame about the consistency issue though.


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