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Chuckling Goat: A Wonder Product?

When I was asked if I wanted to review Chuckling Goat's goat's milk and probiotic products I really didn't know what to expect.

First off I need to tell you a little backstory. I love reading why brand come about and this story is quite remarkable.

 Chuckling Goat is made by the Jones family from Wales, when the Jones' son Benji starting getting severe bronchial infections they bought there first goat- named Buddug. Ancient Welsh tradition says that goatsmilk is good for chest problems. It worked. after Benji started to drink goats milk he never needed his inhaler or antibiotics for his chest again! The goats milk also helped to cure his eczema, so the Jones' turned the milk into soap and skincream! Thus they started to sell their products to a wider audience.

A while later Rich was taken into hospital  for an emergency operation which sadly was infected by MRSA. The antibiotics that the doctor had given him were making him sicker, without any medical alternatives the Jones' "feared for his life". In desperation wife Shann used her homemade probiotic  goat kefir, hoping the good bacteria would help. Within two weeks Rich was cleared!

You can read more about this story in Shann's book: Confessions from Chuckling Goat; How Kefir and Natural Remedies Saved My Husband’s Life

The range at Chuckling goat is very extensive, from cleaning products, to pet shampoo to skincare they have it all. I received a bar of cleanser and skin lotion for  Trouble Skin ( they also do a range for mature and sensitive skin too!).

So let's dive in with the Goat Pro-Biotic Skin Lotion.

The first thing I noticed about this was the cute packaging. Who doesn't a love a cute goat?

So after cleansing a toning before going to sleep I have been applying a large walnut amount of this lotion to my face at night. By now you all know my issues with hormonal acne. Normally I avoid lotions as I don't like adding extra oil to my face . The texture of this cream is quite thick and I did think it felt on the oily side so I was dubious. I found that the cream was quickly absorbed in the skin and much to my surprise it wasn't oily at all- more like a matte finish and make my skin feel firm without any tightening.

So I must warn you this product smells pretty strongly of herbs, I guess that is the tea tree and thyme. That isn't a problem for me at all as I found it quite relaxing  and soothing at night.

The thing that gets me about this is how quickly it started working, by the next day spots has literally disappeared. The redness in my face was incredibly reduced too!  Normally spot treatments can take a week or two to start showing an effect so I am so impressed in this.  Perhaps the best thing is that Mr PP&P even commented at how well that 'smelly cream stuff' I had been using was working!

The other thing I was sent to try was this solid Cleanser. I have always used the LUSH ones and found them very soft and they break apart too easily so was happy to see this was quite a solid bar. Quite simply my face felt clean after I had used it  I think the two together really compliment each other and my skin looks amazing at the moment.

I will be keeping a constant supply of both in my house, I have yet to find another product that works so well for me. You can buy the two here for £14.95! You can also buy Chuckling Goat at Fortnum & Mason! I really recommend trying this product!

Chuckling goat is free range and made in Wales. Also every purchase you make from Chuckling Goat triggers a donation to Kids for Kids, a wonderful charity that helps starving children in Darfur, Sudan, by putting goats into villages there. The goats provide life-saving protein with their milk, and a hope of survival.

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.

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  1. Oooh sounds like magic, my eczema has been hellish on my hands (my own fault, I washed something without gloves and that with the demon Fairy has caused a flare up) I need Chuckling Goat magic!

  2. I love goats! I'm sold on the name and the logo alone... I've been searching for the right product for my ever changing skin and this is going on my shopping list!

  3. It sounds so good, makes me want to try it now.

  4. I've purchased some! :) wish the postage was slightly less though. Looking forward to trying it :)

  5. My sister had been banging on about this stuff to me for ages! She uses the daily goats milk, face cream and soap. I have hormonal bouts of acne and have those nasty little small flesh colours bumps on my skin. So when staying with her for a long weekend, I tried using her skin cream, within 2 days, my skin was clear and glowing! I can't recommend this product highly enough. I've ordered myself 3 bottles! And wish I had ordered the soap too! Amazing stuff!!!


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