Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Yellow (with Born Pretty Review)

Today's theme for the British Nail Bloggers Colour Me Crazy Challenge is Yellow. Yellow is such an odd colour to me, it is so happy yet I am yet to find a decent yellow nail polish that both applies well and looks good with my skin tone.  ANYWAY...  I persevered on and chose NYC Lexington Yellow. I found this polish a bit goopy and it took four coats and Seche Vite topcoat to even out.

I then decided to cheer this manicure up with these oh-so-cute glasses-and-mustache embellishments from The Born Pretty Store, which does a great range of nail art supplies.

 If you order these cute little embellishments (which you can do so here or by quoting the name and number: 5pcs Rhinestoned Cute Mustache-shaped design stud 3d nail art sticker nail art decoration #10443) you receive a pack of 5. I found they were very sturdy without feeling bulky on the nail. They are also slightly rounded instead of being a flat-backed embellishment which is a fantastic touch as it means they have a better fit against the nail bed. 

I adhered the embellishment to the nail using some topcoat but for a stronger bond you could use nail glue. I was however amazed at how long he lasted on my nails with just topcoat (a whole day of typing and generally using  my hands).

This is such a fun design and it really is oh so cute!

Remember you can get all your nail art products as Born Pretty- they stock so much!. If you are planning to order from Born Pretty don't forget you can 10% off your order with the code "BA5X31" which is also on my blog sidebar!

You can find the rest of The British Nail Blogger's Yellow manicures below!

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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  1. I should have known it was a Born Pretty thing! That moustache is the cutest thing ever. I'm really loving 3D decorations at the moment!

    FOUR coats of yellow? I think I'd lose the will to live by that point, lol.


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