Friday, 4 July 2014

K is for Kermit Me To Speak

Aside for 'K' being for Kerrie it is also the next letter in the Alphabet Manicure Challenge!

I wasn't as excited for the second Muppets collection from OPI compared to the last one. The colours seemed a bit more conservative and The Muppets screams crazy to me!  However I did pick up this lone shade from the collection. This is Kermit Me To Speak- yes the pun names are getting a little weak arn't they?

Kermit Me however looked quite intriguing in the bottle shots, I couldn't exactly figure out what colour it was...

What is actually is a champagne coloured polish with a duochrome twist that shine a bright rose leaning lilac and also a pure gold. Also if it hits the light just right it turns a olive green too! 

Application wise this polish took four coats to look opaque, but luckily it dries pretty quickly, You need to be careful when applying a polish like this as you can get quite notiable brush strokes.  My photos are finished with HK Girl topcoat.

You can find the rest of the manicures done as part of this challenge (by some fab British Bloggers ) over at The Hub!  Go check 'em all out!

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