Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MyPure Review: Alva Facial Tonic

Today I have a review of Alva Rhassoul Clear-Up Active Facial Tonic to share with you which you can purchase from the natural beauty products website MyPure.

This Facial Tonic really appealed to me as it is alcohol free and anti-bacterial. This tonic comes in a 100ml glass bottle which is really sturdy and looks really smart on my dressing table. I have applied a small amount to a cotton pad each morning and night for a month in the hope of helping reduce blemishes. I can tell that this bottle is going to last FOREVER as you get lots of product and don't need to use too much at once. This tonic smells quite strongly but I can't put my finger on a certain scent, however when I read the back of the bottle it says that it contains essential oils. These oils are suppose to combat spots while stopping further break-outs. Luckily this month my skin has been behaving alot better than it has done in the past and I feel that this is due to the Tonic (although I do have another Alva product to share with you from MyPure so that too might be helping!!).  The Tonic feels like it is purifying and stopping any blemishes on the skin in my problem areas. The tonic tightens the skin but not to the point of being uncomfortable. It does feel a little sticky but it dries and absorbs into the skin quickly.  The instructions do say not to apply to any delicate areas on the face including the thinner skin by the eyes, so this is just worth noting in advance. I was really surprised at how soft my skin felt too, as if it is trapping the moisture in my skin and it isn't at all drying, I assume this is because most alcohol based products can feel drying. In this super hot weather we have been having I find applying this feels really refreshing on my face.

In summary this is a really good product, the only con being the scent which could be a bit strong for some. However this really isn't a problem for me and I think this is a very good product. 

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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