Sunday, 20 July 2014

Two Fingers Up to the Internet Trolls

So this week has been a rather crappy week for me and up until yesterday it was due only to real life issues but as per usual I am now dealing with nail polish drama too because someone once again can't let other people do what they want without trying to cause upset . Because everyone should be judged purely on what their nails look like of course. This is a ranty post please feel free to ignore it if this isn't something you are interested in there are swear words, sorry.  I am sorry if my tone is rather negative, trust me dear readers it is directed towards  just one person in particular. I've spoken out about this before but it was two years ago and it seems some people need a bit of a reminder (and a lesson in manners).

My nails have always been a love 'em or hate 'em kind of thing. They are freaking short. Deal with it. Maybe I should explain why, not that I should have to (again).

  I know this might be hard for the trolls  but I have a life outside of the internet and blogging (shocker!)  I play guitar and can't play with long nails. Well maybe I should just give up blogging as obviously the two can't co-exsist together. Or maybe short nails are the answer. In am petite in size even if I have long nails my fingers are so damn small that they wouldn't be classed as 'big'. So yeah this is a short nail blog. Just like Emma from Em's Little  Corner. 

I was really lucky recently to get featured on the Zoya Facebook page and I was so thrilled about it and then I got this comment “errgh, why do people who bite their nails take photos?”, um... hello? When does shorter nails automatically equate to biting them?

 For me I blog because I love nail polish, my blog is a journal for me to keep track on my attempts of new nail art and combinations. It is a place to record when I do something new and to celebrate, but that doesn't mean I am not going to show you the bad as well. I want you to see me improve! 

So why am I so upset? What happened?

I got a message from Emma to tell me I have been pinned numerous times on pinterest by a troll calling themselves "Nail Police".  Lets ignore the obvious self entitled bullshit that is the name for  moment and see what they pinned. (I guess you can say Emma and I were put into Nail Polish Jail for crimes of indecency in a public place). Unlike Emma who had the sense to screenshot the pins I didn't so I will show you Emma's nails instead which were also pinned. 

 I can't see anything wrong with Emma's nails in fact, I love all of Emma's work, She manages to do what I have been saying is impossible, detailed nail art of tiny nails!

The captions under my own nails were "repeat offender" and "ugly nails" there was also "awkward nail shape" and "why would someone with nails as awful as this want to share them and start a blog?"

Because I am not ashamed lets look at two of the images she/he/it pinned shall we? I've made the images extra large so you can see them in all their glory.

The first image was from 2012, notice I don't even have a watermark.  This is early PishPosh and Polish.  It was with my old crappy phone camera that I took the picture, notice the blur. As much as my crime against nails is pretty severe in this photos I think crimes against photography are more evident here.   The second picture is from may 2013 (and honestly I don't see and issue with that one at all and it is still one of my fav  designs as it's the only time I have had a decent french tip design).

 Yes the paint job I was doing when I started this blog was dire. I know that. Funnily enough in those two years I have improved a lot.

Let us take a look at two pictures that The Nail Police decided not to pin even though I am "a repeat offender":

It's almost like magic! Like in the two years since that first photo I may have improved!  

I still have a long way to go, I still have to do a clean up and some of my nail art is still pretty basic or questionable.

But for some reason this "Nail Police" wanted to focus on the bad pictures. I hope they had fun trawling through my old old posts and making up several boards of things they hate. I hope you had real fun with that. If you really wanted to be a bully you could have at least bullied me about the poor condition of my skin or the fact I have a gap between my front teeth.  Nail Police, I've even linked them so you can find them easier, it's fine no need to thank me.

After Emma let me know I commented on the pictures (I haven't used pinterest in over a year anyway I don't normally get the high blog traffic from it that other blogs claim- personally I think Instagram is a much better social media channel). I asked the Nail Police if they would like to offer me any constructive criticism and even said they are more than welcome to guest  post on my blog with their own nails showing tips and tricks for the perfect manicure. As of yet I haven't been taken up on that offer. However The Nail Police did offer me some 'constructive' feedback, namely I should topcoat my matte polish and  change my nail shape as I have "big fingers". Obviously they are an avid reader of my blog. Or maybe not...

Did you ever hear the expression don't judge a book by it's cover?

 Again Emma's screenshots here show that The Nail Police was at least making an effort with a 'Good Nails' board which she started after being reported by many members of the nail polish community (thank  you all by the way!!!. There were even some short nails featured on that board.

Now I love Emma to bits but I can't help but feel raging jealously as  she got a pin on that ' good nails' board where I on the hand didn't get a single repin on there, even though I was undoutably the star of all Nail Police's other boards.

Joking aside it is a a bit of a token effort don't you think? If you are going to be an internet troll don't give up on your morals and beliefs so quickly. What if Hitler had done that?

After a few back and forth's I (like Emma) was blocked. I am not sure if they are still active, if it is feel free to send them a comment or report them.

I know I should grow thicker skin, this isn't the first time people have hated on my nails (and it won't be the last I am sure) but something about this particular troll really gets on my goat (can you see what I did there- *beams* that's right English Student right here). In real life I was  bullied alot when I was growing up and I never had to the confidence to speak out. But just as the the internet it a big place where trolls can hide behind their computer monitors, the anonymity of the internet gives me the courage to speak out too against the bullies.

Last time I encounter nail polish bullying I did a pretty purple manicure to show my support. 
I will be doing another manicure this time too, just for you Nail Police (as I know Emma is too!). Trust me it is a little bit more vulgar than hearts and glitter this time.

 Readers, if you are concerned about my paint job feel free to un-follow me. To all of you followers that don't care thank you for your support, I am sorry you had to see me go into rant-mode.
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  1. 💕💕💕💕💕 love it 💕💕💕💕💕 very well said Kerrie. Don't let the bastards grind you down. The graphic at the top is amazing! Two fingers up to them, make them badly painted just to annoy the troll further :)

    More seriously, I honestly think we all develop as we go, very few bloggers start out perfect. As we grow we change things, I started out with photos taken in the ladies loo at work on my phone! Now I use a light box and a proper camera. I didn't used to clean up, now I have pure acetone in the house all the time for this. I used to oil once a day, now it is more like once an hour. Picking on early photos at least means they can't find fault with the newer ones, so it is a backhanded compliment in some way!

    1. Those funny question marks were hearts on my phone!

  2. absolutely brilliantly written. The Nail Police can f*** off. xx

  3. Kerrie i love your blog *rants and warts* i dont care as for the nail police tell them to kiss your ass....jealousy springs to mind you and Emma have fab nails i want to go shorter but having fat fingers makes them look even fatter,keep up the good work and dont let them idiots stop you :)

  4. I love you Kerrie. Keep your chin up and remember that if we don't give them something to hate, they'd probably stockpile guns and shoot up schools.

    You are an amazing person with an amazing blog and people who want to hate on that can suck it.

  5. Hi Kerrie, you have had some bad luck in the nail world recently. I wonder if the same person is behind it all? Makes me wonder.

    I too have imperfect nails, hopefully always neat and tidy but I'll never be hired for QVC.

    Keep on going. Ignore the hate.

  6. Fantastic post.

    Kerrie - you're awesome. Your blog is wonderfully written and your pictures and nail art fab. I wish I could achieve what you can with shorter nails.

    A perfect two fingers to a complete and utter idiot xxx

  7. Brilliant post Kerrie...

    ive never even HEARD of the Nail Police - and who the hell do they think they are to think that what they think is right is the only way!?? Great thing about polish is it can suit any nail - short, long..whatever... its also personal choice and preference. You shouldnt have to explain it. If someone doesnt like it, just leave it...why pick it apart!??

    I dont get where this lot (or is it just one person) getting off slating someone they dont even know? Is this what is now gonna be the norm? Easier to hate and slate, than to do what the old saying says "if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything nice at all".

    Your manis are perfect Kerrie.
    All the slaters can eff off cos therye just sad that they have to spend actual time out to say how awful something is!?? Seriously??! Surely theres better things to do in your time....

    Like you i was bullied at school, and it still haunts me now, and have faced several myself on FB which used to really upset me, but then i just thought...stuff em. They obviously dont really know me, and i know im not a bad person and i do my blog and polish reviews mainly for me - like a record keeping kinda thing...

    Bullying doesnt end when you leave school and i dont get what anyone can possibly get out of being mean to someone they dont even know....

    Youre sooo much better than them Kerrie....and i think they know it.

    Well done for getting it out there - brilliant post, and gonna post it on my blog wall for more to see.

    Dont let the bastards get ya down hun.

  8. Wonderful post! Some feelings needs to be shared, and i thank you for sharing this with me/us. I think all nailbloggers/painters were new and bad(?) at one time. And as of this hobby all we can do is improve. I think all trolls are sick in some way. they always feel the need of hurting other people. i stand with you!

  9. Wonderful post! I have super small nails. I can't let them get long due to my job, and I have very tiny nail beds so .... Well I will forever look like I have the nails of a 9 year old! I don't blog for this reason. I dipped my toes in with Facebook and IG... I get enough rude comments there. People need to just grow up :(

  10. Looks like their Pinterest board is gone. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. People can be so mean. I enjoy your blog, so keep up the good work! I keep my nails relatively short and I like to see what polish looks like on shorter nails.

  11. Kerrie, dahling, it's not about growing a thicker's about peeps learning the old adage: "If you can't say anything nice, shut the F up!" There is NO such thing as 'perfect'. All anyone can do is they best they know how. You are FABULOUS & don't let anyone convince you otherwise! <3

  12. This is absolutely ridiculous! And who says short nails aren't awesome? I love your blog, keep the good work up and don't let them get to you :)

  13. Your nails are beautiful, Mine are short too they won't grow long! just keep doing what you do, your blog is fab x

  14. I have a confession to make: I only post photos of false nails because I don't like my nail shape. But when I'm not posting on my blog they're just my nails! I've been thinking about doing a "your nails are beautiful" blog for a while, because the number of people I met at the SW Blog Social with gorgeous nails that said "omg, I hate my nails" was insane. Why, when there are so many things in life to be upset about, has someone decided that your NAIL SHAPE should also be one of these things? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I love you and your blog. You are awesome.

  15. Fabulous post! Brilliantly said. Your blog has always been a fav of mine! Don't listen to what those stupid-heads say because they are dumb! Love ya!

  16. I don't know who came up with the rule if you have a nail blog you have to have "cookie cutter" nails. Your pictures have to be the same. You have to use a high powered camera, with perfect lighting. As a new blogger myself, I don't understand why people think everyone has to be the same. Writing a blog is a personal decision, and to me anyway, it's more of a "public" journal of my nail adventures, and misses, as I'm sure yours is the same.

    Nobody is perfect, and when we start out, we pretty much aren't the greatest photographers, but I find it so interesting that these trolls can always find the worst picture ever. They love feeding on peoples insecurities.

    I wrote an entire blog post on trolls as well, and the one thing I would like to say, is let them starve. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. If you respond back, give them a snarky comment, that's why I do, and they seem to leave me alone. When they see something bothers you, they hang on like a leach.

    I enjoy your blog, good, bad or indifferent, there is always something new, someone brings to the table.


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