Monday, 25 August 2014

Stash It!: Poundland Pretty (and Digit-al Dozen Dotting)

Hi guys today I am sharing with you a post from my Stash It series which aims to help British polish newbies find the best polishes on the highstreet to start their stash.

 So lets meet the first polish of this series shall we?

Like alot of super cheap polishes this one doesn't have a name as such but it is by the brand Pretty which is Poundland's own brand of nail polish. It really doesn't look like much in the bottle does it?

Here is some basic info for you:

  • Ease of purchase: Pretty Easy, this is from Poundland. This polish is from one of the Velvet Effect sets (meaning it came with a pot of flocking powder and not as you might think from the label that it is a velvet effect polish!)You will need to search through the Pretty display for this.
  • Price: £1
  • Colour and Finish: Off white,  buttermilk cream colour or a ultra light pastel yellow. This is a creme finish.
  • Application: Three coats, it is slightly streaky on the first coat but evens out quickly with slightly thicker coats. No dragging or application issues to report.
  • 3 free? There is no label on this but it smells fairly strongly so I would say this isn't three free.
  • Wear Time:  approx two days plus with topcoat
  • Bottle and Brush Shape: This is a 'mini' sized Pretty bottle as it is from one of the Velvet sets. Brush is a round, average size. 
  • Is it good for nail art?  Good base for nail art, see below for more details!
Even though this series is about not being a polish snob I have always avoided this brand of polish, the bottle design just looks cheap and you just know these are are going to be awful to apply.

I find that even high end white, yellow and pastel polishes can be an utter bitch to apply so I really wasn't expecting much from this ultra cheapy.


I was really surprised with this polish.  This is three coats with Seche Vite topcoat. Doesn't it look classy? I wouldn't know that such a inconspicuous polish would look so good!

I asked a couple of friends to name what this polish was. Some of the suggestions I got were Illamasqua Load, Lime Crime Milky Ways, OPI Your So Vain-illa.  None guessed this was an ultra cheap polish from Poundland.

Sometimes white can be a little harsh and I have been after the perfect cream coloured polish for ages. Who would have guessed that this could be it? Not me that is for sure!

I took some photos against my white bed sheets so you can see that this really is more of a off-white shade.

So now for the question of why this type of polish is needed in a newbie stash. Because this takes three coats to be opaque I wouldn't normally gravitate towards using this for nail art, however the simplicity, freshness and clealiness of this polish makes it a fabby canvas for nail art.

This is the first time I have ever done different sized dots and I took my inspiration from all the dotting manicures my dear friend and fellow blogger Emma from Em's Little Corner has done.

For this simple design I used two different sized dotting tools and two other polish from Poundland who will both get their own posts later in the series.

I love it when a polish can surprise you like this. So I guess we need to ask ourselves should we Stash It! or is it a Shocker....

The result is....

This is a very good polish to have in your stash and is really excellent when you know how much it cost. Because this is a smaller size bottle I would suggest stocking up on a couple of these little gems!

If you follow the link below you can see some other dotty manicures by the Digit-al Dozen.


 Do you like this series? What polishes would you like me to cover? Is there anything I have missed out or you would like a little more detail about?



  1. Your dots look fabulous! Great colour choices, who would have guessed this was a £1 polish!if it wears for two days then it is a great find, I rarely wear polish longer than that.

  2. I have a few Pretty bottles in my stash. They do smell really strongly, but I have found some really interesting little colors in there, and Sam at FingerFood turned me on to the leather effect and concrete effect polishes, which I quite like!

    If you're starting out and want to experiment, the pound store is really your best friend!

  3. love this - it's so super girly!

  4. I love the cream base and the dots are so cute - mint and pink always work well together. :)

  5. This is adorable! The colors look great on you :)


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