Monday, 11 August 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Summer: School's Out For Summer!

This week the Digit-al Dozen are taking on Summer Nail Art! My first manicure is rather hip and happening if I do say so myself. It is based on the end of school/ summer holidays.

The base of this manicure is  the black matte polish from the Ciate Chalkboard kit- thats right as I was going for a chalkboard effect.  I found this polish very watery and  had some issues with bald spots, this is three coats without topcoat.

The 'chalk' pens that come with the Ciate set are quite chunky so to create the thinner lines of my 'TXT SPK' nails I used Barry M's Nail Art Pen in pink which without topcoat has this chalky look to it. So I used the pen to create slanted tips of 'txt'- how odd!

I really like these nails, they aren't traditionally summery at all but I think they really sum up what I wanted to show you guys and they are really simple too!

You can see what the rest of the Dozen have done as part of this challenge below!

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  1. Haha, this is a very creative take on the theme - I LIKE!

  2. These are so clever! And you did them so well!

  3. Really adorable and cute! And I really love the idea :D

  4. Awesome idea! They look great! :)

  5. this works so well on your nails x

  6. Such a creative idea! I love the text placement!

  7. What a great idea! They came out lovely!

  8. This is so cute!!! What a great idea! School kids everywhere are glad school's out for summer!!

  9. What an adorable idea Kerrie!! Very cute, and I love where you placed the letters :)


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