Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Stash It: Revlon Emerald City Comparison Post

Hi guys today I have a post in my 'Stash It!' series which aims to help nail polish newbies find the best polishes for their stash!

I have done this post a little different as I wanted to compare it to two HTF (Hard To Find) polishes by brands that are considered a little more high-brow in the polish community to see if you are able to get a comparatively great polish for a fraction of the price.

So without further ado...

So we have OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow (Suede), Zoya Veruschka and Revlon Emerald City (Matte). Both the OPI and Zoya are discontinued. Of course the Revlon is our cheaper brand out of the three, lets check out it's info:

  • Ease of purchase: Pretty Easy, this is from Poundland so it is random as to whether yours will have it in stock but I have seen it in loads of Poundlands at different points. I bought mine two years ago and they still stock them just as regularly now.
  • Price: £1
  • Colour and Finish: Dark Forest Green with a matte (flat) finish
  • Application: Two Coats, dries quickly but a little more acre is needed to apply as it is a matte finish
  • 3 free? Yes (3-Free, No Formaldehyde Resin, No Camphor)
  • Wear Time:  approx two days (without topcoat this may chip)
  • Bottle and Brush Shape: Standard Revlon bottle, hard to tip over, long thin brush
  • Is it good for nail art? Yes highly opaque and matte finish provides interesting texture

Here we go... so can you tell the difference between the three polishes?

In terms of colour all three polishes are exactly the same. The only thing that sets these polishes apart are the slight difference in 'matte' finishes. If you are a pedantic polish aholic like me this can make all the difference but as a nail newbie this shouldn't be so much of an issue.

The Zoya is a standard matte finish, when you comapre the OPI to it you can see it is alot 'flatter' and there isn't as much shimmer to it. The Revlon on the other hand even when dry isn't a full matte (we call this a Satin finish).

So really we can see that there is little different between the high end polishes and the cheaper highstreet brand. But is that enough?

We also need to consider application, in this case there really isn't much between them, all three polishes here are shown with two coats without topcoat. As matte polishes they all dry quickly but they are quite thick and opaque when applied. The OPI did have a tendency to drag slightly between coats and the Zoya was slightly more opaque (you could almost use one coat).

In all I would say Revlon Emerald City is a good contender and the best dark green matte polish to add to your new collection.

So finally we have to ask should you Stash It or is it A Shocker? Well my personal opinion is this:

Yes it's a great polish to add to your collection go over to your Poundland now and see if you can find a bottle! 
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