Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Cotton

Cotton is seen as the gift given for a second anniversary, so considering the Digit-al Dozen is now two of our themes this week was 'cotton'. I am so sorry my manicure is so boring.

I decided to do a subtle saran manicure using a unnamed Cream polish and then Barry M matte White, annoyingly it is so subtle my camera has struggled to pick it. I swear these aren't just white nails!

I'm going to let the photos talk for themselves, if I had more time I would have freehanded a cloth pattern on here.

You can check out the other manicures done by the Digit-al Dozen (hopefully they are more exciting than mine) below!

Have a great day!

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  1. Its very subtle and soft! Just like cotton.

  2. It looks like a nice, soft blanket!

  3. Always interesting to see everyone's take on the theme...this reminds me of white cotton sheets so bang on for the theme!

  4. Completely understand your struggle to photograph such a subtle look! I had the same problem! It does look great!

  5. Don't you HATE when your camera spazes and refuses to pick up the subtle details you worked so hard to create!

  6. The saran wrap technique was a great idea for this prompt!

  7. These are so pretty! They are so soft and subtle and look like cotton balls!

  8. Soft and subtle. I think you did a great job!


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