Monday, 15 September 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Sapphire

September marks the second anniversary of the start of the Digital Dozen. This manicure was suppose to go up last week but with my new job I find myself coming home and just falling asleep, it is inspired by Sapphire's which is the birthstone of September.

This manicure features a dry brush stroke design in as many differing shades of blue as I could find. (I am not going to name them all but you can see them in the photo below). I found using all the same colour didn't give as much definition as my last Brush Stroke manicure but I quite like the subtle effect of this.

I like the flashes of holo you get from some of the polishes used here. It really adds and interesting feel to the manicure.

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  1. Super cute! Love all the blues together, they create a gorgeous depth!

  2. You did a wonderful job! Love it!

  3. I really love the subtle technique, the range of blues is gorgeous! :)


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