Monday, 6 October 2014

Halloweenie Polishes! China Glaze: Howl You Doin'? Swatch and Review

When I saw China Glaze had brought out a new range of Halloween nail polishes I knew I had to snap a couple up. I also decided to buy Howl You Doin'? from last years Monster Ball Collection  which I had somehow "neglected" to buy. You might be able to tell buy my inverted commas that I am less than impressed with this polish.

So first let me tell you this polish has so much promise. It is a deep plum creme packed with blue glitter and orange-copper shards. This is Halloween in a bottle. When I was reading pocket Money Polishes Autumn Hauling post Charlie referenced that it looked similar to OPI Merry Midnight/Orly Fowl Play. So I was expecting great things from this polish!

Application wise this polish was a little thick but I was ready for that due to the large amount of flakies. It was also super topcoat hungry, I used two coats of Seche Vite and I still couldn't get the lovely glossyness of the PolishAholic's swatches

However that aside I couldn't believe at how dark this polish was on the nail, all the purple tones seemed to have been removed and replaced by black tones instead. On the nail all the glitter that I could see in the bottle had vanished, even in direct light I struggled  to see it. 

I have put the flash on my camera a that was the only way I could show you the glitter but this is not accurate at all of how the polish really looked on the nail!

In all I am really dissapointed in this polish, it has gone into my swap pile. It is times like this that I see why I showcase more Indie polish on my blog than mainstream polishes here.

Do you own this polish, it is just me who expected greater things?
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  1. This is lovely. I like ow the little glitter pieces seem to be glowing here.

  2. That's a shame, Fowl Play stays purple when on the nails. It's frustrating when they look one colour in the bottle but change on the nail.


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