Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dark Metal Lacquer: Choccy Orange

I am not the biggest lover of brown polish, the yellow undertones in mu skin just seem to clash with it, but I was drawn towards Choccy Orange from Dark Metal Lacquers Autumn Collection.

This is a chesnut brown jelly polish packed with teeny tiny metallic orange glitter, which really gives this polish a 'lit-from-within' feel to it which is perfect for these horrid winters days.

My swatches show two coats (and Seche Vite topcoat)... from looking at the macros maybe I could have done with a third but the VNL wasn't really noticeable in real life! For the amount of glitter in this polish I was surprised to find no hint of grittyness at all and with topcoat it is perfectly glassy on the nail.

This is just such a unique shade in my collection! I tip my hat to any maker who can make me wear a brown polish!
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  1. Very interesting color this this. The orange and brown work well together in it.


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