Monday, 1 December 2014

MyPure Review: Living Nature Eye Shadow Duo

I am back with another review from MyPure who sell lots of natural and organic beauty and makeup products. Today I am showcasing an eyeshadow duo which you can buy here (at the time of writing they are out of stock so keep your eyes peeled for more!).

 It arrived in a smart matte black box which looked very stylish and sleek.

I am a little confused about the name of this palettes shades, as the first box says 'clouds' but both the palette itself and the website call it 'breathe'. 

The two shades in question are beautiful muted blues.  The one on the left a soft grey-toned blue and the one on the right more of a charcoal-toned navy. These shades can be worn alone or together and are very complimenting. 

You also recieve two sponge eyeshadow applicators.

In the palette the eyeshadows look like they have a matte finish but in the light you see they actually have a slight shimmer to them which I think really adds an extra depth to the colours.

All Living Nature's eyeshadows are made with natural mica pigment and enriched with antibacterial manuka oil. I think this is a really clever concept  and also means that the eyeshadow 'stick' to the eyelid. Furthermore the packaging itself is earth-friendly and completely biodegradable.

 The lighter shade makes a perfect highlighter shade and is delicate to emphasise the eye area without being too overpowering or full on. The darker shade adds depth and richness and is easy to create a smoky but subtle daytime look with.

The packaging gives some helpful hints. I don't normally apply my eye products wet but I like the fact they are versatile enough to do this and would therefore give a more dramatic look.

 Here you can see some swatches with and without flash. This was applied dry onto my wrist (without any eye primer but I do use that when I apply my shadow normally). The shadow themselves is slightly powdery in consistency but I didn't receive any fallout from the product one I applied it which is fantastic. You can see that the colours would easily build up without becoming too heavy or caked on. (I would give you all an eye swatch but I haven't had lots of sleep lately and my eyes are a bit scary right now!)

Anyway I love this little palette, it is slim enough that you can carry around with you and versatile enough to create a range of different styles to suit many occasions. The quality is good and I really appreciate the Eco-friendly nature and thoughtfulness that went into creating this.

 The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.  

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