Sunday, 11 January 2015

Glitzology: Bad Things

Glitzology was a brand that produced the most crazy glitter bombs around, but like a glitter hurricane she rocked the indie scene and then was gone. I have sat on this swatch for a while as I hate showing polishes that you can't buy easily, however I see Glitzology polish quite regularly in blog sales so bit the bullet and here is my post.

Bad Things is inspired by the show True Blood (lets not talk about the ending shall we? I am TOTALLY over it

Bad Things is a magenta jelly packed with black, red and holographic silver glitter as well as red heart glitter. I found this polish really hard to work with, I am not sure if it is due to age or just the sheer amount of glitter in it but it was super thick. I think it would benefit from a drop or two of polish thinner.

My swatches show two dabbed coats with Seche Vite to smooth out the glitter. In the light this polish is crazy shiny! I don't care that people say they are over glitter, to me there is nothing better!

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  1. Whoaaaa! Look at that sparklebomb! That's gorgeous.

  2. That's a pretty glitter color!

  3. Pretty! If you want Sookie's story to make sense, read the books. LOL They took a butt-tonne of artistic license with the original story. It's not that the TV show was bad, just very different than the books. <3


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