Monday, 12 January 2015

My Geek Box Review: Merry Geekmas

Today I am sharing with you a super late review of December's My Geek Box

Just a quick recap from my last review:  My Geek Box is a subscription based box which promises to send you lots of geekery in a box for £14.99 per month. What made Mr PishPosh and Polish and I gravitate towards this particular box was the fact that it was based in the UK which means you don't have super high postage costs, delays due to international shipping and most importantly be based around franchises that are popular in the UK.

December's box was themed around 'Geekmas'. Here is what we got:

Star Wars 'Death Star' juggling balls. Mr PishPosh and Polish was very excited about these, they are good quality vinyl bean-bag style and rather cute. The Christmas connection wasn't obvious with me to start with but they would make great  post-turkey entertainment.

Transformers Optimus Prime Stress Ball. Made of the traditional foam material, again I think this is really cute and rather tounge-in-cheek way of destressing after the holiday season. Mr PishPosh and Polish has taken this as his own and now sits proudly at his desk at work!

A  Christmassy Darth Vader clip plushie. This is again really good quality and larger than it looks in the photo. From looking online there was a chance that you could also get a christmas Yoda. I love the fact he wears a Christmas hat over his helmet! When you push his belly you also get the iconic Vader-breathing sound clip.

  Next up is a Pac-man bottle opener. This is solid and about the size of your fist. It is also magnetic so can be attached to the fridge for easy access. This came in very handy on Christmas day.

I was rather surprised to see another Star Wars inspired gift in this box (while all the objects are really nice it would be nicer still to get a little more variety, but this is only a minor objection). This is a tin bauble which splits in half with a little cookie inside. I really like the design of this, it's not too in your face and has a almost vintage feel to it which means it didn't look at all out of place hung on our tree. 

I had to laugh at this Cadbury Selection box. I always get one each year for Christmas so it's inclusion here helped me uphold my tradition! You can never go wrong with chocolate!

As always you also get an exclusively designed T shirt. This month's design is Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas designed to look like a Sugar Skull. The T Shirt itself is a heavy cotton materiel and is is of a really high quality (the sizing is generous too!)

You can sign up to My Geek Box here and there is also a badge on sidebar which acts as a referral link if you would like to use it! The next box will be here later this week so I will try to be a bit more prompt with my review. The theme for the box is "Justice" and My Geek Box are currently taking orders for February's "Side-kicks" box. 

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  1. Those are some fun geeky things in here!

  2. Cute, but there is much more to Geekdom that Star Wars. I am a certified Geek down to the degree in applied science and I am not into Star Wars much. That's more a guy geek thing. Dr Who, now that is more my style. Where's my tardis?

  3. This is a pretty good box! Loving all the Christmas themed goodies too, and the t-shirt is pretty awesome and not over the top! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  4. How awesome! I've been wanting to sign up for a box like this, kind of jealous! :)

  5. love the death star juggling balls !


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