Friday, 2 January 2015

MyPure Review: Inika Ultimate Lip Tint

Today I am sharing with you another product from MyPure who is an online retailer of lots of natural and organic beauty and makeup. The product I chose to review was the Inika Lip Tint in the shade Cosmic.

The lip tint comes package in this matte black and gold box which is really pretty. You can see the shade name clearly on the packaging and it proudly exclaims the fact it is 100% vegan, cruelty free and halal. I like keep the tint in the box to protect it but it would easily fit into your handbag as it is as it isn't at all bulky.

The bullet itself resembles the outer packaging. It is slimline and quite sleek, this is why I keep it in the box as I am scared I will loose it in my giant handbag! However this means it would easily fit into a a clutch bag on a night out. Never the less there is quite alot of product in such a small container- 3.2g in fact!

You can see that the product itself has a flat head and a standard twist-up design. Cosmic is a metallic leaning scarlet red and is really pretty to look at. It has lots of reflective particles which makes it sparkle and shine in the light!   The sharp edges of product help to give a easy application that is very defined and controlled when applied to the lips.

So what does it look like?

The swatch on the left shows one swipe of the product on the hand. The one on the right shows how the colour can be built up (this is three swipes). I find that on my quite pigmented lips that Cosmic doesn't really have much intensity to it and isn't as metallic as it looks in the bullet.  However considering this is just a lip 'tint' I am not surprised or disappointing by this.  It does however have a subtle pop of colour and on quite pale lips it will give a lovely rosey-red look to the lips.

What I love about this product however is how hydrating it is. It feels more like a lipbalm than a traditional tint. This tint contains coconut oil and shea butter which I think are a big factor in this. In the colder winter months keeping your lips hydrated to stop chapping is really important. What I also love is considering the oil content in this product it doesn't feel greasy or sticky on the lips.

The liptint also contains peppermint oil  which is supposed "to give lips a refreshing tingle that also plumps for a perfect pout"  but also makes it smell really appealing (but not too minty). I wouldn't say I really noticed a tingling effect and it certainly is a lot more pleasant to wear than alot of plumping lip colours.

I really like this liptint and wear it alot at work where I want something more subtle but when it catches the light looks lovely and shiny as well as having beneficial factors for the state of my lips.

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  1. Great to hear you like this product. I'm a huge fan of lip tints so this might be something for me to look into.


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