Thursday, 29 January 2015

MyPure Review: Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Toner

Today I have another review from the natural and organic  beauty and makeup retailer MyPure .  I am reviewing a hydrating mist/toner by a new to me brand called Kosmea.

First of all let me say how much I love these kind of products, for me they feel really refreshing and light and when you use lots of different skincare products my face can start to feel really heavy and clogged down so I love being able to use something lightweight and gentle on the skin.

So when you order this product you get a 125ml spray bottle which costs £14.95, it arrives in a cardboard box (which when opend smells of roses straight away!). There is lots of helpful information on the box which I really like as it tells you exactly what this product is and the benefits of using it.

The product itself smells fantastic, a lovely rose scent that isn't artificial or indeed too overwhelming.  The only thing on the box that I would disagree with is that I think the bottle is slightly on the large size to pop into your handbag, but for me this is a bonus as it means you get more  product that you think you are going to get!

The directions simply state to mist the product onto the face to refresh your skin. The spray on the bottle isn't too powerful so you can easily do this without drenching the skin. The way I like to apply this however is pumping some product onto some cotton pads and then applying it to the skin in a circular motion. I normally do this after cleansing and am surprised by the amount of residue it removes from the skin.

I love this list of positives surrounding this product. When I can I love to use natural products without any testing on animals. I also think the fact that the packing is recyclable is a huge plus!

Using this product makes my skin feel relaxed and refreshed as well as feeling soft and clean. I also feel that it really helps to keep moisture and hydration in my skin for much longer. I know this will feel amazing in the summer as a quick refresh but also I think it is great for trapping in moisture during the cold winter months. The fact it is so natural helps to keep my acne prone skin in balance without giving it any extra stress  I highly recommend this product and this is an instant repurchase product for me! 

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.  

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  1. Sounds like a lovely mist. I'm on the fence on whether a facial mist is essential but I think its great for the hotter weather to use to cool down.


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