Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dollish Polish Bikini Bottom

When I first started this blog I hated any kind of nude, yellow or orange polish. This year has been all about nude's for me as I merge into he real world (the world of work that is). But last summer was the time I really hit upon an epiphany that I adored Coral polish. It wasn't exactly orange as it had those gorgeous pink leanings and actually coral look amazing with my skin tone.

I knew I needed Bikini Bottom from Dollish Polish as soon as I laid eyes on it. An almost neon coral with a stunning golden shimmer.

My camera has a hard time picking up neon so this is much brighter in real life. It almost glows on the nail and that shimmer looks amazing in the sun!

My swatches show three thin coats and Seche Vite topcoat. This is just such a juicy polish on the nail I really adore it! I did have a few issues the polish dragging on my last coat so I would suggest making sure that you let this polish completely dry inbetween coats (I have used this polish since and with waiting I have zero problems)

This is just summer in a bottle. Hurry up and get warm already!

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  1. I like the glow to this coral a lot.

  2. this is oh so pretty! Your hands look marvelous!! Well done lovey :)

  3. This color is perfect on you! Look how long your nails are getting!


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