Saturday, 25 April 2015

Australis Velourlips: HO-CHEE-MIN

My matte lipstick obsession reached new heights when I got these Australis Velourlips imported from 'down under'. The first swatch and review I have to share with you is Ho-Chee-Min which is the shade I was most unsure about.

Ho-Chee-Min is a baby pink creme with a peachy undertone. It is very cool toned and sits in that territory of 'love it or hate it' pink.

It comes with a traditional doe-foot sponge applicator that is good for even application and precision.

So on the lips what is it like?

First let me say that while it is a super ultra matte finish (which I adore) it is a bit difficult to apply which is a slight let down. I think this is down to how light the colour is and this makes it apply slightly streakily.   

For a matte lipstick this doesn't feel drying on the lips at all. Sadly on my yellow toned skin this colour just looked a little at odds which is a shame as the colour is just perfect for spring and summer!

What are your go to lipstick shades for Spring and Summer?
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