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Beauty Besties: Five Minute Makeup Challenge

So following on from our introduction post Alyssia from Alyssia Rose and myself decided to try and do the five minute makeup challenge that you see alot on youtube.  You can see Alyssia's attempt here.

Sadly I do not have video capturing technology at present so you will have to trust me when I say that I spent five hectic minuets on this. I like to think that I don't spend too long on my makeup (maybe around 15 minuets for a work look for work and slightly longer if we are going out).

So here is my face before we start. Lovely isn't it?

As you can see we have had some spot troubles and there are so lovely under eye issues going on too. 

So let me take you through my five minute routine.

(sorry for the yucky state of some of the makeup in this photo)

So normally I would start with primer (I like the Body Shop Teatree one) but today I skipped this step because of the time limit. I always use 1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concleaer (fair) before I put on my foundation. It is just a weird little quirk I have. Focusing on those nasty problem areas, I dotted a little around and quickly tapped it into place. Next it's onto 2. L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte foundation (sand). In an average day I would use a foundation brush but today it is good old fingers to the ready. I must admit I really slapped this on in places and honestly it wasn't as even or blended as I would like it to be. On those really bad areas and under my eyes I used a bit more concealer this time 3. NO7 Match Made Concealer (Warm Ivory) (I would normally add powder on top of this but omitted it today!) before moving onto filling my brows with 4. Rimmel's Brow This Way I only managed to quickly use some powder and in my honest opinion they look awful- they aren't even at all! At this point I had less than a minuet left so everything was really rushed. I quickly drew a line on my eyelids with 5. GOSH Forever Eyeshadow (Grey) which I think gives an instant smokey eye with just a little blending. Using my fingers I softened my eyeshadow (and pretty much rubbed most of it away while rushing!). A quick sweep of eyeliner under my eyes using 6. Rimmel Exaggerated Eye Definer (I would normally line the top of my eyes too but time was really against me). At this point my boyfriend was laughing hysterically at me and counting down the last few seconds. A quick sweep of 7.Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick (Cedar) and my alarm went off. Normally there would be more prep with lipbalm and lip liner. As well as more definition and evenness to my lips.

All in all it wasn't too bad. I got my whole face done (but only because I missed out about half my products). There is no powder or blush going on at all. On my forehead you can see that I haven't blended my foundation well at all as there are obvious tide-lines. I didn't use any under-eye products and you can really tell!  I also have a spot on my chin that I didn't conceal properly and is very obvious in the photo above. I would love to neaten my eyeliner and lipstick and I would need to re-do my brows if I wanted to leave the house. So even though I got my whole face done I wouldn't be happy to go out like this. Sometimes no makeup looks better than a bad application.

Stay tuned for more posts by both Alyssia and myself in the future.

Could you do your makeup in just 5 minuets?

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  1. Well you certainly did way better than me!!!

  2. It takes me five minutes to do just my eyebrows alone. You had time for eye liner too?! I'm impressed. Not bad for 5 short minutes. I think I'd use the five to focus on one feature rather than try to do an entire face. For some reason I'm way too slow. I try to time getting my makeup done in the a.m with the sanitizing light/timer on my toothbrush and it runs for 10 minutes. I try to get farther all the time but the eyes take so much time whether it be shadow, liner, or brows they all just take me too long. Done rambling now, bottom line: You did well.

  3. I'd never be able to do all of that in five mins! Well done!

  4. hey - I tried to comment earlier but not sure if it worked, so sorry if ur getting this twice :)

    I love your blog - amazing this was 5 min!!

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know I used to have similar skin to yours - about 6 months ago now i watched a documentary called Forks over Knives. ever since then ive been following the diet they talk about on there and my skin has been absolutely amazing. Like glowing, no breakouts at all. I guess it was giving up the dairy and meat. But yeah I just wanted to let you know that if ur interested you should totally check it out.. super cheap too lol i save so much money on food, more for make up :P

    Take care. Elle. x

    1. Hi Elle I will certainly take a look, thanks


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