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Beauty Besties: Brand Focus: Makeup Revolution

Today I am sharing another post with my darling real life friend Alyssia from Alyssia Rose as we share love of beauty. Today we have decided to share a post on one of our most love cosmetics brands- Makeup Revolution. You can view Alyssia's video here

If you read my last post about what I keep in my handbag you know that a certain makeup revolution product is a staple feature and one I wear almost everyday for work. Before I show you exactly what it is in more detail lets just take a moment while I say how impressed I am with Makeup Revolution's brand. Not only is it by far the biggest brand of makeup I own but I love the quality, price and the presentation of the brand. Their CS is always spot on and they listen to what the customer wants!

So the products I am going to show you today I by far underrated but I can hands down say that they are both my most used and favourite products by the brand.

It is the Awesome Pout and Gloss Collection which was a limited edition Christmas gift set which was sold at Superdrug. I do not live near a Superdrug that sells MR products but while I was doing some Christmas shopping in another town I managed to snag one of these, I fell in love with the lip products in this set, wearing them almost everyday for work (thankfully they have no problem with me wearing bright coloured lippes as that is my trademark style!) After Christmas I decided that I needed to grab another of these before they were gone for good. In fact I actually bought two back ups of this set, making three in total. I am still using my original lipsticks, but decided to crack into one of my backup sets for these photos.

The set in question comes with a compact mirror, clear iridescent lipgloss and three lip crayons in bright pink, red and orange.

The lipgloss comes in a traditional tube with a long thin sponge applicator. If you read this blog often you will know that I am not a massive fan of gloss as I can't stand the stickyness of it. This one really isn't sticky and stays put on your lips for a decent amount of time. I like the subtle glass fleck shimmer which has a rose gold hue to it.

But what are really the stand out products to me are the lip crayons. They have really great pigmentation and glide onto the lips. They are also really creamy and not at all drying. I find that I only need to reapply these after I have eaten, otherwise they last throughout the whole day. I always get loads of compliments from customers too on these and hate to say that they can't be bought anymore. The nearest thing that Makeup Revloution sells to these are Wow Sticks (which I also own) but they are much thinner (I love the chunkyness of these crayons) and they are not as soft and easy to apply on the lips.

The Orange is the most sheer of the three which is good for me as I can't normally pull off orange lipstick at all. I have quite pigmented lips so I end up with this redden coral shade, which is just so flattering (and much more noticeable in real life than in my photo). All these lip crayons are a flat colour but have a glossyness about that that doesn't make them matte. Also because they are not matte they are very moisturising on the lips and don't feel drying  or uncomfortable to wear.

Next up is the pink. Is a bright blue toned pink and it is crazy bright yet at the same time really flattering. Look at that colour pigmentation!

And finally the red. This is more of an orange toned scarlet and is a real classic 50's colour. I think it just looks timeless and the sort of red that anyone can pull of. I should also say how much I love the pencil/crayon as it makes controlling the lipstick super easy and the twist up applicator makes it fuss free too!

 Seriously guys it breaks my heart to show you these knowing they aren't easy to get. You can still find them on places like Ebay if you look out. All I can hope is that they come back next year. But these really need to find a permanent home in the MR collection. I would just die if they created a dark red or a purple in this formula!

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