Monday, 29 June 2015

Beauty Besties: Follow A Tutorial #lovewins

I am back with another Beauty Besties post with my real life bestie Alyssia from Alyssia Rose you can check out her post here!

So today we decided to focus on recreating a look from a tutorial and I decided to do my first ever lip art inspired by the momentous news that #lovewins. There are a hundred different rainbow lip looks floating round youtube and I kind of borrowed from them all.

The first stage to my lip look was prepping my lips, I swept some translucent powder over my lips to dull any pigmentation then applied Rimmel Scandaleyes in Witness White to give me a nice white base to work on and to help my colours really pop! Witness White is a silver white so it has given a almost metallic look to my lips. I really don't own much white makeup at all so this had to suffice.

I then started to build up my colour. For this I used a cheap short bristled makeup brush and lightly dabbed and built up the colours as needed and blended them together.   

The colours I used all came from Makeup Revolutions Eat, Sleep, Makeup, Repeat Palette which uses some really bright neon eyeshadow. I found they were all really pigmented which means that it was easy to build up the colour on my lips. 

Obviously this combo is very fun and not very practical, because I was using eye products my lips started to look very dry. You could apply a clear gloss over the top I suppose but I was wary of ruining my design.

In all I am really happy with how this look came out. I am really excited to try some other lip art in the future!

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  1. Such awesome rainbow lips!

  2. Omg amazing!!! I really need to try some lip art <3

  3. Awesome job! I can never get my makeup photos to show up to crisp like this.


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