Sunday, 7 June 2015

Beauty Besties: What's In My Handbag?

Today I have another post in the Beauty besties series with my dear friend Alyssia from Alyssia Rose. You can watch Alyssia's video reveal here.

So let me first say that I carry alot of crap in my handbag, like Alyssia I haven't altered anything in my bag for the purposes of this post apart from omit taking photos of about 300 receipts that are in the bottom of my bag (does anyone else have a bag like that?).  

Let us start with the bag itself which was a birthday gift off the boyf. This is by LYDC and was from Amazon. I can't find it on there now to link you to it but it may still be there. It was very cheap only costing about £12.00. For the cheap price it is very sturdy and has lots of poackets.

So the first things at the top of my bag are the most important. You have my purse (from Claire's Accessories). My phone is a HTC One and has a cute hamster phone case from Ebay.  I also have my locker key for work with a Groot Keyring and my work badge.

There is also a inside pocket which I keep all my makeup products as my bag is too small to keep a makeup bag in it. I am going to admitt now that when I put a lipstick on in the morning I take it with me for touch ups throughout the day. I am very bad at taking the said lip products back out of my bag and have a bit of a collection.  You can see I have a Limited Edition Makeup Revolution lip pencil from one of the Christmas Sets, L'Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss in the Shade Flashdance.  There is a Burts Bees lipbalm in the original Honey scent too. There is also a MeNow matte lipgloss and Collection lipstick from the Flower Collection.  I also have a small compact mirror that I forgot to get a photo of. There are also a couple of pretty rhinestone hair clips in this pocket which I use for when my fringe is getting in my face at work.

At the moment there are also recent purchases in my bag which I haven't taken out yet (I am trying to save the planet and not take a carrier bag). You can see that I have picked up a few products from Superdrug's new MUA stand.   Sometimes thee purchases can sit in my bag if I forget to take them out when I get home.

Then we get on to the more random crap in my bag. I have some Slim Fruits which are a low calorie alternative to sucking sweets . These ones are Strawberry and Rhubarb and are actually really nice to have to stop any hunger craving when you are out. A mini Nivea Invisible Black and White spray which is in my bag for obvious reasons. A packet of tissues are a must at the moment too as I have hayfever. A pen for quick notes. Nurofen Express Liquid Capsules for general aches and pains as well as pesky headaches. There is also half a pack of Lucozade Glucose tablets, I do a very early shift at work and sometimes these help perk up my energy levels when I am feeling like going back to bed.

 My Ipod is a must for walking to and from work. I also have a Anker portable charger which is a life saver for charging my phone or ipod on the go and I would highly recommend for anyone who spends alot of time out and about or on their devices.

Right at the bottom of my bag are a few more beauty bits. I have a Soap and Glory nail File which was out of one of the Christmas Gift Sets. Natural Collection Loose powder (Cool Translucent) for any time I am getting a bit shiny as well as Seventeen's On The Spot concealer for any pesky redness that can sometimes appear (this concealer also helps fight spots with salicylic acid which is never a bad thing in my opinion).  I also have a small handy handcream from The Body Shop which I try to use in the winter time if my hands are dry or chapped. I use the Almond one as it isn't too much of a strong scent and is quick absorbing for when you don't have too much time on your hands. 

The last things in my bag are in the outside pocket. We have some Lens Wipes from Boots for my glasses, I find these very handy as they are easy to use and non-smearing so great for on the go. I also have some Bach Rescue Liquid Melts for times when I just need to destress.

In all I think I have too much stuff in my bag and some of it doesn't get used too much, I need to give it a good clear out. What do you have in your bag?
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  1. Your handbag is cute! Some nice essentials you carry too.


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