Monday, 1 June 2015

MyPure Review : MiLOMiLL Wild Strawberry and Basil Organic Soap

Today I have another review by the natural and organic online retaile MyPure who sells a massive range of  beauty and makeup products.

On the MyPure website I was drawn to MiLOMiLL's range of soaps. They carry a huge range of scents (flavours?), some quite straight forward and others more outlandish.  I finally settled on Strawberry and Basil although I could have spent ages picking a scent.

 MiLOMiLL is the sister brand MADARA skincare and creates a luxury organic soap collection for those who love the unusual. According to MyPure "This collection is a return to the classical soap, perfected with the finest quality ingredients, natural fragrances and sophisticated shape."

The packing is incredible. Normally I throw away my boxes of soap but I have kept this one to keep nick-knacks in as it is far to pretty to pop into the (recycling) bin. The packing  was designed by the young artist Cristina Luisa Avotina. I love the vintage feel of the box and it sits perfectly with the classical soap shape. To me this is a non nonsense bar of soap, it doesn't need fancy patterns or thrills, the scents alone are enough give it the 'wow! factor'. 

Scent wise, when dry this has quite a mild scent, slightly herbal but there isn't too much strawberry coming through. However once it is wet it smells really luxurious yet the basil gives it is crisp cleanness that I really like. I love the fact it  isn't too sweet or cloying and just smells fresh to me. MyPure describe the scent as "aromatic strawberries topped with basil. Juicy mid notes of white peach are complimented by the elegant base of cedar."

This bar of soap is very good quality, it isn't too soft meaning that it will last for a good amount of time. I found as this was drying again on the side of my sink it fragrance my bathroom. I use this as a hand soap but you could also take this in the shower with you too!  I certainly will be buying some of the other soaps in this range too so I can try them!

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.
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