Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Top Tips for Summer Lips

So as you all know I LOVE my lipsticks especially mattes which are becoming a big thing this season. But matte lips can be drying and applied badly can look sloppy and not have any staying power.  I have tried alot of lipsticks and these three products are my top items for keeping your pout perfect all day long.

First of all let me tell you prep is important, I prep my lips as the same time as I do my nighttime skincare routine and applying my nightly hand care products. I like to use Lush's Lip scrub to exfoliate my lips. I find this gets rid of any dryness and excess skin but isn't too harsh or stripping on the lips as it uses natural sugar crystals. I am currently alternating between Mint Juleps and Bubblegum but there are loads of lip scrubs available on the market.

Lip balm is another important step. I am currently using Berts Bees Ultra Conditioning Lipbalm for nighttime as it is quite thick and intensive and Nivea Sooth and Protect Lip Balm SPF15 for during the day (which I spoke about here) as it is lighter. I apply lipbalm often but try not to overdo it as your lips can get used to too much moisture and become reliant.

The last tip I have to give you is an odd one. I find that while matte lipstick can have really great staying power it can be a pain to remove. I hate scrubbing at my lips to get the colour off as I have made my lips sore in the past doing this. However the answer is really simple. You need an oil based makeup remover as most matte lip products are waterproof. I use these eye makeup remover pads from Boots Essential Fragrance Free line as the pads are really no fuss and no mess (and are only £1.50). I have used this trick to  remove the Lime Crime Velvetines and LaSplash liquid lipsticks quickly. Just remember to apply lipbalm afterwards!

What are your tricks for lovely lips?  
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