Monday, 20 July 2015

Beauty Beasties: Focus On Nails

Yes indeed this is a nail blog but my manual job plays havoc with my nails. They are currently ultra nubbins and the cuticles are a little rough. So when Alyssia chose this theme for our Beauty Besties challenge I was a little hesitant. You can see Alyssia's post here.

Although Summer has always screamed neon and brights to me I have been lusting for some more muted tones lately. I decided to use Fung Long Johns which is a muted grey toned green creme and alternated it with this Reserve Naturelle unnamed polish.

I have also used Seche Vite topcoat to give a lovely shine to my manicure!

I think short nails can be quite cute, but I do need to work on keeping my hands and cuticles in better shape (this will also help my nails!)

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  1. Such nice colours, although they remind me of fall rather than summer <3

  2. I think so too, shorties are super cute!

    When I was working in a bakery last year (behind the scenes, hands always covered with jam/bagel dough/mohn (poppy seed filling)) my nails and especially CUTICLES would weep - the only thing that helped was Neutrogena for my palms, NOT nails and cuticles though.
    What saved my cuticles was my homemade cuticle oil - I'd just slap it on before I passed out when I got back home from work, and it WORKED. Hope it helps. : )

  3. Thanks for the great post about the stylish nails for beauty spas.


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