Saturday, 8 August 2015

Lush Angels On Bare Skin Review

Lush's Angels On Bare Skin is my first step into the world of (semi) solid cleansers. I will admitt it takes a little while to master but the results are so worth it!

Angels On Bare Skin is a paste like concoction mixing lots of herbs and ground almonds together.   The ground almonds gives a slight texture to the product which works to gently exfoliate the skin and un-clog pores. There is also a mixture of  also, kaolin clay  lavender and rose which work together to balance any oil production and mattify the skin.

The most predominant scent in this cleanser is lavender which you would expect so if you don't like this scent then this cleanser probably isn't for you. It is far more earthy smelling than floral and to me just smells fresh!

At first I used way too much of this cleanser but once I worked out that less is more I could see that my little 100gram pot would last for a good amount of time.  You take a pea size amount of this cleanser and mix a few drops of water to form a mushy pasty substance which you can use on your face. You don't need to apply this like a mask and cover your face but rather just use enough so that all the parts of your face have had a thin layer of cleanser applied and rubbed into the skin.

This cleanser is really lovely, it gives my face a lovely glow right after use, I think this is from the almond milk in the product (which is created when you add water).  My face felt clean and fresh. The light exfoliation in this product isn't enough to irritate the skin meaning that you can use this product everyday. 

In all this is a lovely product, if you are venturing near a Lush it is really worth trying! 
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  1. Nice review! I've never really tried much skincare products from Lush but I've always great such great things about them.

  2. I love Lush face masks and bath melts. I must try this one too. Nice review dear

  3. I love Lush face masks and bath melts. I must try this one too. Nice review dear


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