Thursday, 6 August 2015

MyPure Review: Light Reflect Highlighting Creme By Inika

MyPure stocks a massive range of natural and organic beauty and makeup products. They kindly sent me this beautiful Inika creme highlighter to share with you today. With the sun out in force what better time is there to add a bit of sparkle and glow to your face (and life?)

I have been lucky to try a few Inkia products and the presentation is always beautiful. This matte black and gold box screams sleek sophistication and wouldn't look out of place adorning your dressing table. The highlighter itself is a creme formula meaning it is a medium consistency liquid and comes in a squirty tube with a fine nozzle and screw cap.  The tube itself it quite dinky at only 8 grams but it is very concentrated (more on that later!). Because it is quite small you could easy pop it into your handbag for a quick fix throughout the day. I have used it this way at work to just give my complexion a little lift and a bit more life around mid afternoon when I start to feel a bit tired.

The highlighter itself is a champagne-bronze hybrid and I would say it would equally suit both pale and darker complexions. As I said before it is very concentrated and the teeniest bit will be enough to highlight all the normal areas of the face. This is because this highlighter natural minerals and pigments meaning it is just pure illumination in a tube.

The highlighter it non greasy or oily and melts into the skin instead of sitting on top of it making it super lightweight on the skin. I find that it works equally well over your foundation and doesn't 'rub it off' like other highlighters can do when applied. So while lots of highlighters tell you they have a flawless application this one really does.  I can wear this highlighter all day in my non air conditioned work and it doesn't move also which is a big bonus for me.

So let's have a quick look at some swatches!

I love how illuminating this is on the skin but without being all out glitzy. This highlighter is far more a shimmer than an outright glitter which makes it perfect for day wear. I love the fact that this uses natural ingredients as it means I can applying it to my sensitive skin without any fear of irritation meaning it has become a staple in my makeup reoutine.

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The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy.

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