Sunday, 2 August 2015

MyPure Review: Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream for Uneven Skin Tone

Today I have a review for you from the website MyPure who stock a massive range of natural beauty and makeup must haves.

Having tried the Yes to Tomato range in the past (for blemished skin) I decided to try the Yes to Grapefruit eye cream. The grapefruit range is for correcting uneven skin tones- the eye cream is obviously for dark circles which is perfect for me at the moment as I have been a little lacking in the sleep department. My undereyes are also a little dry at the moment due to the humidity so I wanted something that would combat that also.

I have said it before but I love the clean, simple and bright packaging of the Yes To range. The pink theme of the Grapefruit package is obvious but makes it easy to recognize. 

You can also see on the box that they proudly say that 99% of the products are natural which is a big bonus for me!

The tube of eye cream itself is 15ml. It is slimmer than most eye cream tubes I have tried before but is also much longer. It comes with a thin nozzle for precise application. I dot approximately 4 small pin sized amounts under my eyes and gentle pat into my skin (rubbing can be too harsh on the sensitive skin under the eye) after cleansing and before applying my moisturizer.  I find this cream a little on the thick side so less is more with this one!

Reading the packaging it says with constant use you will notice a difference in your skin tone by week four. I have been testing this product for just about 4 weeks and can say that I have noticed a reduction in my dark circles, mostly in the fact I am not having to apply as much under eye concealer during the day.   I also found that it helped my concleare glide on smoothly so would certainly recommend this as a undereye primer.

This cream is also very light and not at all greasy I found that any dryness I had under my eyes was gone and the skin was lovely and soft after use. As I really don't have any fine lines yet (thankfully!) I can't comment on it's wrinkle reducing claims.

I was surprised that this was scented (grapefruit obviously) as most eye creams are unperfumed. I did find this is a bit odd and while I don't mind it I know that scents near eyes might not be to everyone liking. Also this cream is slightly pink tinted which again some people may not like.

In all this is a very refreshing cream and it will last me a long time even with everyday use. I love how gentle this on the skin, my dryness has gone and while it won't replace a good nights sleep it does help me fake it throughout the day!

The product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing. For more information please refer to my disclosure and PR policy. 

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  1. I would probably like this a lot since I love fruity scents too.


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