Saturday, 29 August 2015

Products That Suck: Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Facial Wipes

It pains me to write this post as I normally am the biggest lover of anything Soap and Glory but these facial wipes really didn't impress me. The Make Yourself Youthful wipes were reduced in Boots and I decided to pick up a pack to try as I really don't like spending alot on facial wipes.  These wipes are supposed to remove makeup and are "4-in-1 super-rejuvenating cleansing cloths"  which cleanse, clean and rejuvenate the face.

My problem with these wipes was they were really dry, they weren't damp enough to remove any makeup without really scrubbing my face. This was made worse by the texture of the wipes that  was almost scratchy and while the didn't noticeably mark my face I found them less than comfortable to use. I also found that the packaging wasn't ideal, the resealable 'baby wipe' type flap didn't stick down well at all and seal the packet. (I can't make any remark on the 'youthful' aspect of this wipe, honestly how much can a facial wipe do anyway?)

I can no longer find these wipes on the Boots website but they can still be found on line. I guess that shows how popular they are!  I really love the Fab Pore wipes which are also by Soap and Glory and would urge you to buy those instead. 
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