Monday, 2 November 2015

Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap

When I saw this 'Mud Mask' style soap in Boots a few months back I thought it would be worth a try. I expected it to be like a solid block of face mask that I could use all over my body. The result was slightly different but I will get onto that in a moment.

This ask is by the Dead Sea Company and cost me £3.75  

For the price I think this soap is beautifully presented. The box has a wealth of information and it looks really interesting.

The soap bar itself is also lovely, it has an embossed  logo on one side and the name of the product on the other side. It looks really professional and classy and take away some of the fear that this is actually black.

Once lathered up the suds do have a slight grey tinge but this doesn't colour the skin at all. In fact I was a little dissapointed at how 'soap-like' this product was. I expected it to have a thick consistency when warmed between your hands  like a mask but it certainly was in the soap end of the spectrum. In fact I found it slightly harder to lather up than an average soap. The instructions say to let this 'sit' on the skin for a few minuets before washing off but I found that it didn't really feel like it was making any difference as it didn't feel like the product was thick enough to make any real impact.

I think I have been spoilt by mud masks as they are so thick and suck up any excess oil that I wanted this soap-mask thingy to do the same and it just couldn't live up to my expectations. This soap did an alright job of clenaing my face and body and keep nasties at bay but really no better than any other soap for oily skin. 

Overall for the price I think this is a good product- but not amazing. It certainly won't revolutionise your skincare routine  but for a cheap soap for oily skin it is worth picking up. 
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