Thursday, 31 December 2015

Products That Suck: Soap and Glory Drama Clean

As you all know I am a big Soap and Glory fan but this is the second product by this brand to be featured in my negative feature "Products that Suck" (you can read the other one here)


Drama Clean is a 5 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Water used for taking off your makeup. My first issue with this product is the packaging, there is a lot of writing on the front of this bottle and it looses all it's charm and impact. In fact I didn't even notice that this product contains peach extract and cucumber juice until after I took this bottle home and read the front. I know it IS on there but it's just not too clear. Why this is an issue is that I HATE cucumber and it's scent. This brings me straight onto my second issue which is the smell, this bottle smells awful- like a sweetened cucumber there is no scent of peach at all and it is quite strong and I find it overwhelming which is amazing as I love strong scents normally.

I also struggled with how much of this to use, too little seemed to not work at all but saturating my cotton pads with this bad boy made it really messy and drippy to use. It also left my skin feeling sticky  after I had applied this and i needed to use  toner to get my skin feeling both clean and refreshed. 

So while this product did do it's job and remove my makeup it certainly isn't my top choice there are far better options on the market. 

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  1. I've never tried anything from Soap and Glory but I will definitely steer clear of this product after reading what you had to say about it. It was helpful to know.


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