Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lush Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Lush's Strawberry Feels Forever is my first adventure into Massage Bars. A solid block of body lotion/butter that melts in contact with the skin, this is super easy to use, either rub the bar between your hands and then rub the lotion into your skin  or do as I did and rub the bar directly onto the skin and then massage in.

The scent of this bar is not a traditional Strawberry scent at all. It really isn't fruity. Instead it is sweet smelling almost like candy. The addition of Coca Butter helps this allusion too. The scent doesn't linger very long, but with how decadent and sweet it smells I think that is a good thing! 

The bar is a good size  (75g) and fits well into my hand. I use this bar in the evening as part of my night care routine as it is quite a thick heavy butter texture and while it isn't sticky it is a little oily  and rich on the skin for daytime wear. I find by the next morning it has been completely absorbed into my skin leaving it silky and soft without any hint of residue.

 I did find this bar a little tricky to store as once the outer layer has melted it goes sticky until it all cools down and solidify.  You can buy massage tins from Lush however I couldn't find one that fitted this quite decently sized bar. I wrapped mine in loose tissue paper so that the bar didn't stick to it.

Because of how you use this bar it last for a really long time, I managed to get a month or so out of mine which is a big surprise after using traditional liquid lotions which run out much faster.

I really rate this bar highly and will be checking out the other bars in the range from Lush too.
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