Saturday, 27 February 2016

Products That Suck: Extracts Strawberry Scrub

When I was a teenager (back in the day) I would go wild for the Boots Extracts range (I think they rebranded a few years ago because they were called something else back then).So I was excited to get a set of a few different Extract goodies for Christmas, it would be the ultimate throwback.

They used to do a really great sugar scrub which sadly has been replaced, and I was interested to see if this new scrub lived up to my love of the first one. I was also happy to see that this scrub is fairtrade.

The scrub itself it is yogurt-y consistency and comes in a 200ml screw lid flat jar. It is lightly coloured pink but it looks natural instead of being a bright cerise pink. To me the Strawberry smell in this scrub is on the subtle side and smells more like strawberry milkshake, I think this is down to the addition of shea butter.

So why do I note rate this product? For one there is no longevity to the scent at all. Even in the shower I struggled to detect much scent from it. Moreover the biggest flaw with this scrub was the lack of scubby-ness it has. The particals of scrub were too fine- almost sand like in size but they weren't dense enough to really do any kind of exfoliating on the skin. And while this scrub contained shea butter I wouldn't even say it was overly moisturising. 

In all I was really let down but this product. I have tried using more of it and less of it to see if any change might alter my feelings on it but alas no luck!

In conclusion I think there are far better scrubs on the market than this one, I know it is at the lesser end of the price scale but I can think of lots of products that work much better for the same price. I will continue to use my pot as it isn't unusable but it does leave me rather apathetic.

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