Sunday, 12 June 2016

Beauticology Vanilla Frosting Body Butter

I must admit I am sometimes a brand snob, Beauticology is one of those brands I always saw in Boots and Superdrug and never looked twice at. For me the main factor is their imintation Philsophy packaging  (little did I know this is actually a sub-brand of Bayliss and Harding).

 For Christmas however I recieved a gift set of Beauticology products who didn't understand my irritation for the brand. The main product inside was this body butter in the scent Vanillia Frosting.

The scent straight away went against  what my head was telling me it would be like, no plastic smelling, over scented chemical yuckyiness but instead a light vanillia scent that somehow was faintly sugar-sweet. Consistency wise this was also a big shocker it was ultra lightweight and almost gel like in texture, melting straight into the skin leaving it soft to the touch without being sticky or over rich for my oily-prone skin. It was also faintky cooling when applied which is something that I really appreciate and wish all my expensive body butters were like!

This tub is a whopping 250ml, it has lasted me months with use everyday and I am finally scraping the remians out of my pot. Sadly I beileve that this particular product was a seasonal release only and is not longer around to buy. The moral of the story is try something by this brand it might shock you. I really must stop judging my beauty products by there brand names and packaging!
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  1. Nice review on this body butter. It sounds very moisturizing.


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