Monday, 27 June 2016

Products That Suck: Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots

The idea of the Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots is a wonderful one. A little plastic patch of concentrated Salicylic acid that sticks like a plaster onto any nasty blemishes to give them a good amount of drying and shrinking action (these patches also contain alcohol).  

The patches come in 4 foil lined packets so that they don't dry up before use. The patches themselves come in two sizes  and are transparent so they aren't obvious that you have them on. I would suggest using them at night as this is the time that the skin starts to repair itself. 

You will recieve 4 foiled line packets in your box each with 12 assorted sized dots

I used a few of these patches on consecitive nights on a range of 'problem' areas. The reason I have taken a dislike to this product is a simple one, for me at least they don't work. I have used them on blemishes which are in many different states (cystic acne, spots coming to a head and healing spots) and noticed no difference in any of them. Like I saidd before I gave these dots the benefit of the doubt and used them every night and found that I have no better results from these than from letting the spots do their own thing (gross I know!). 

As a person who has used a lot of blemish fighting products I know that not every skintype will react in a good way to every product but considering these cost me £17.50 I expected a little more from them. Colour me dissapointed

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