Thursday, 2 February 2017

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Review

As you know if you are a long time reader of this blog I love Soap and Glory, from their whimsical, retro packaging to their yummy scents most of the range is amazing! They are all super reasonably priced too so that is a big bonus. Somehow the Breakfast Scrub has passed me by and it wasn't until I was having a cheeky smell of it  that I knew I had to try it.

So lets talk about the scent first as that is what made me buy it. This scrub is maple scented and while sweet it never smells overly sickly. Here in the UK maple isn't something I overly associate with breakfast  (I think more of the USA and  pancakes!) but it is a really different and appealing scent and I can honestly say I haven't tried a beauty product that smells of maple before.  The front of the pot also lists Banana, Almond and Honey and to me this does sound like a smoothie!

As a scrub this works pretty well, it ticks all the scrubby boxes that it should. There are a couple of different sized particles and not a microbead in sight.  You have scrubby sugar particles, natural organic cupuacu and oatmealWhat a list! This scrub is a bit thick and that puts it on the coarser side so I would advise using this more as a body scrub than a facial scrub. But because of this thickness it doesn't just dissapear as soon as water hits it, meaning you really can work it into your skin. The pot is also massive, it is 300ml so with only using a smallish amount at once this product is going to last.

In all I really would say go and grab a pot of this scrub you won't be dissapointed, my sin felt soft and smooth after using this. The sugar hit is also really nice and lingers on the skin. If only they would bring out this as a body lotion already! As a bonus Soap and Glory is CF and I beileve organic!
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  1. Sounds yummy!! The last thing I need is more excuses to buy face care. 😂


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