Sunday, 23 April 2017

Makeup Revolution Retro Matte Lip Kit in Grandee Review

After the Kylie Jenner original lip kit expolsion it seems every brand is doing one, with mixed results sadly. Makeup Revolution is a brand I can always turn to with decent price to quality ratio. When I saw they had done their own lip kits I ran to my local Superdrug to try them out. Sadly it seems I had been beaten as there was only a megre offering left. I picked up Grandee a bubblegum pink kit to try even though it was a colour that hardly ever seemed to sit right on my yellow skintone.

Let me first say a big sorry that both the box and the liner seems to have gone walkies, although honestly I hardly wear liner so for me this isn't really a big deal. So when I say this is a lip kit review I more mean it is a review of the matte liquid lipstick itself.

I love the packing of this product, Makeup Revolution have really steped up their game in terms of making things look more aesthetically pleasing than when the brand first launched. The lipsrick (and liner) was packaged in a sleek matte black box. The actual product itself features a sturdy plastic tube with pretty matte rose gold accents. It actaully looks really sleek and luxe. The applicator is a sponge doe foot which is narrow and perfect for creating a sculpted lip.

Grandee is a bright bubblegum pink, it verges on Barbie pink to me. Like I said before I don't normally wear colours like this but it should be a good indication as what the rest of the collection is like right? According to the instructions you should cover the whole of your lips in the liner first and then apply the lipstick over the top. My swatches show the lipstick on it's own without liner.

Firstly let me say this is a very thick and creamy consistency, it was opaque with one swipe without having to build so the liner really shouldn't be needed unless you want to define those outer edges.On the lips the lipstick felt very thick and heavy to wear, it seemed to take quite a while to dry down too and always felt a little tacky. This lipstick really shows off the condition of your lips, if they are slightly dry it gives a flakey look to the lips which isn't that attractive.  I also found this formula remained sticky it actually stuck the linner lips together a bit and when you opened your lips it pulled off the lipstick. I didn't try to eat or drink wearing this product as it already looked too messy after just a couple of hours of wearing it around the house.

 It really is a shame as even though the colour isn't too my tastes it was actually very pretty and I can see it looking really pretty on someone with a different skintone than my own. I did see that there are new lipkits out in Superdrug and they say they have a new formula so if this issue has been resolved then good on them for addressing the formula.

In short maybe don't buy this product (unless it says it has a new formula) but it still looks pretty.

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