Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer (Green): Review

After my last post on colour correction I have jumped a little further into the world of colours. I am not ready to go headlong into a rainbow face under my foundation but I have seen the benefit of  green/mint on my red (spot and acne scarred) face.

I picked up this NYX HD Photogenic Concealer as it was the only green colour corrector I could see that was a wand ather than a stick when I went into Boots. This range covers a range of cream concealers and colour correctors. I like the sleek packging of the NYX range, you can see the colour of the corrector clearly from the outside of the package. For me, who is still a little hesitant about using colour correctors I like the fact that this isn't too green, the softer mint colour seems a bit less scary and less likely to turn me into a hulk-type-thing!

The lid of the tube unscrews and you get a slim doe-foot, sponge applicator, which is very simiular to the Collection concealer that I love. The wand is very controlled and doesn't pick up too much product, so there is little wastage. In terms of packaging I was already happy with this product. But how well does it actually work?

So the idea behind green correctors is that it neutralises red tones. If you check out a colour wheel you can see green is on the opposite side to red! This makes green correctors great for rosacea, or like me redness caused by pigmentation from scarring or even angry red spots. I applled a small dab of this concealer on any red areas of my face and gently blended it out by gently tapping the product into the skin with my finger. This leaves a slight green tint to the skin, but most importantly the red areas suddendly don't look so red. I then applied foundation gently on top of this and I could certaintly see that there was much less redness peaking through. I didn't apply skin-toned concealer on top as I wanted a light makeup look but I beileve with that too you wouldn't see any redness. I like the idea of the green corrector though as it means you don't have to apply so much product to cover the redness on your face!

 The corrector is very creamy. The swatch above shows one dip of the wand into the product and one swipe of product. Even on my oily skin this corrector didn't start to break down and lasted all day. If you have a very bad patch of pigmentation I beileve that this corrector could be built up to the opacity you needed too.

 If you suffer with redness this product is a must! I think it is great and for the price it is a steal!

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