My name is Kerrie and I am a twenety-something English Literature graduate from Hampshire, England. By day I work at Boots, as  No7 Advisor and Boots Macmillian Beauty Advisor. I am also a trained MUA.  I live with my boyfriend and our hamsters and newly adopted kitten Bilbo.

By this point PishPosh and Polish is four years old and counting, I was never a girly girl and was a late bloomer in the beauty and makeup department. My guilty pleasure is nail polish with over 800 (at the last count) bottles it's quickly become a obsession!

This blog maps my journey from a beauty beauty newbie and along the way expect to find reviews of products I love (and some I don't), comparisons and my attempts to experiment in my own crazy way.

I have always been creative, I love drawing although I don't have much time for it now. I guess that's why I enjoy nail art as much as I do. It's a simple and easy outlook for all that creativity!

 In my spare time I play guitar and that is one of the reasons you will never see me with long nails. I will never be a hand model my hands are tiny! So my pictures are never going to be perfect, but they are realistic. They are all look that you can achieve at home!

I am also a avid writer of both Fiction and Non Fiction. I have been published both online and in magazine's. I have also just finish editing my first anthology which is a collection of fiction and artwork under the title "One Moments Clouds" and had the first performance of a play I wrote called "Body Gossip".  I am a reader of many books and a player of many games.

If you have any other questions pop over to the contact page over use the buttons on the right sidebar to get in touch with me!

I also used make my own artisan nail polish and cosmetics under the brand name Quirk. You can visit the Quirk Facebook page for more info, this is something I hope to go back to at some point, and while I still cannot sell polish I might be willing to donate a bottle in aid of a giveaway or charity event so please get in touch! 

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  1. Hi! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Thanks for having such a great blog!!


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